September Pears


It is Pear time in the Quimper Household…we have Pears in the tree


…windfall pears in the grass…




…and pears  in the kitchen!






Since the loss of our King apple tree, we are paying more attention to our Williams’ Bon Chretién Pear tree (known in the US as Bartlett’s Pear).





6 thoughts on “September Pears

  1. We too are appreciating the pears provided for us this year as well as some bountiful provisions of apples. Our ap-pear sauce is a hit. Hitty Hattie looks to be a fine help in your preparations in the kitchen. Is she partial to pears?

  2. My mouth is watering for pear’s after seeing this. Pear salad with blue cheese, pear tartlet’s, sweet juicy pears just by themselves…YUM. Hatty’s apron is so cute.

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