Talk like a Pirate

Long John

Yesterday it was Talk like a Pirate Day.

Cutlass, Parrot

Gráinne assembled all she needed to celebrate being a Pirate…her Cutlass, Parrot,




…and a brand new Tankard for her grog!



Thank to the Hittys favourite photographer, who spotted this tiny tankard in a charity shop, and bought it to help Gráinne celebrate!   Ar-r-r-r-r-r-r!





15 thoughts on “Talk like a Pirate

  1. Grainne has such a wonderful character – today your Long John photograph of her shows off so well the beautiful carving job, and the astounding eye-paint job. I am utterly in love, and will drink to the day with my own old rather piratically beaten-up tankard, which looks to have been hot off the same press.

  2. Oh, you make days so fun! Here’s to “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! I’m just thinking that we watched an old movie Monday night-“Captain Kidd”…must have “known” somehow such a day was upcoming.

  3. I adore Gráinne. It’s such a treat to see her. Her new/old tankard fits her personality well…along with her trustee cutlass.

  4. once again I am taken aback….by your great photographs and wonderful characters. That tankard is perfect! What a good eye the favorite photographer has. Grainne is a special favorite of the Country Hittys…they so admire her panache! I confess they have a set of swords that I procured for them but so far they have been a bit timid about using them ! Grainne is their hero!!

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