The favourite photographer brought a few things home from the thrift store – Hattie found a beautiful box…





…and Tansy found a pickle fork!




The beautiful box was full of beautiful boxes!




Tansy started to stack them…




…Hattie steadied the stack with the pickle fork…




They exclaimed at the ten-beautiful-box stack!


…then Tansy polished the pickle fork!






10 thoughts on “Hexagons

  1. Thanks for the color and fun…your dolls bring me delight. And, thanks to the favorite photographer for helping us enjoy life so much more too.

  2. What wonderful treasures! I love hexagons! When I saw your title, I was intrigued… I’ve been weaving lots of hexagons, and I wondered what hexagons had come into your life. Your boxes are delightful- and so is the pickle fork. The Favorite Photographer has a very fine eye for treasures as well as capturing the perfect moment through the lens!

  3. whoa…that is a LOT of boxes..what a wonderful surprise. Are they already thinking what to put in the boxes? Love the pickle fork being used to good effect..

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