A Birthday Treat

Rolling Dough

The Quimper Hittys have been organising special treats.





Hattie helped make and decorate Gingerbread cookies!



Happy Birthday!

…for a special girl who is five years old today!

(the cookies were mailed a few days ago)



Face Time



Rose has been learning how to Face Time with Linnea…and Dulcie!

I carved Dulcie when my granddaughter was only a few months old.  She is made out of  sturdy wood, and with chunky limbs to withstand the hammering and biting phases of toddlerhood. I always thought this dear dolly would go live with my granddaughter at about age five, and to my great delight, while they were visiting at Christmas time, a special request was made (and happily granted) for Dulcie to go live with her own little girl!

Happy 5th Birthday girl dear!








15 thoughts on “A Birthday Treat

  1. Happy Birthday to dear, adorable and wonderful story teller, Frida. She certainly has her grandmother’s creative and fun imagination that your blog readers delight in.

    Happy to see a new generation of Hittys lovers here to carry on.

  2. Time has flown so quickly….last I recall, she was a babe in arms. Grandma, you’ve given us great memories along the way to age 5. It’s been fun.

  3. Hard to believe that the delightful Frida is already 5 years old!!! It is so wonderful that she can play dolls with her grandmother! And even better that the Quimper human has actually created Frida her own beloved doll! You are just magical.

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