The Kitty’s First Day


Buttercup and the baby were reading about cats…


…the baby said “I want a Kitty”




Buttercup looked up the ingredients for a kitty party…



Milk and Cheese

Lala gave the baby some cheese and a watering can of milk from the fridge.




…and the kitty came to the kitty party!




The kitty liked the baby and Buttercup…




…and the baby gave the kitty a bath!!



Cast – Buttercup, The Baby, and the Calico Cat

Supporting Cast – Lala

Original Screenplay and Director –  Youngest member of the human family

Cinematography and Production Design – Quimper Hitty human




12 thoughts on “The Kitty’s First Day

  1. Yippie!!!!!! I have no idea how this worked but I am over the moon happy.
    This little story is simply adorable. The kitty looks like it’s ancestral line came from the block twin’s kitty sweaters.
    Baby is so cute…is she a new Quimper member?

    • I am so glad your comments are sticking again! You are right about the block twins’s sweaters, in fact they are stamping their little Hitty boots in mild objection to the fact that there is only one calico cat in the household! The Baby was given to us some years ago, and has spent most of her life being a doll’s doll. The youngest member of the human family recently informed us about the true relationship, and she has been getting out more often ever since!.

  2. The director of this photo shoot is spot on!! However I do have one Kitty still a fan of Baby AFTER that bath?? Having bathed one or two cats in my lifetime and survived to tell the tale I am just wondering.

    • I believe that Hitty Kittys can be quite well-behaved, or not, depending on the mood of the human in charge of the script! Cat seems to bear The Baby no ill-will after her bath, in fact, after a good scrubbing The Baby insisted on putting conditioner in its fur to make it soft and easy to brush!

    • How did you guess? That actual kitty has now gone off to live with the Comox Valley Hittys, but somehow the knitted cats are multiplying around here – so the Quimper Hittys won’t be lonely for feline company.

    • Yes, the Quimper Hittys do like cats that go to parties, eat delicious cheese, allow themselves to be petted, and are tolerant of baths. It was very nice calico yarn – I think there is enough left to make a couple more cats. The block twins want cats too!

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