The Quimper Hitty cats congregated in the Carnicería one morning…


…just as Gracia was tidying up before opening the shop.




A little cheese enthusiast nearly paid the ultimate price for attempted robbery…




…but the cats inadvertently rescued him.



Clean sweep

Gracia muttered imprecations and brandished her broom, but Gráinne extracted the villain and carried him off, with the cats nipping at her heels.








13 thoughts on “Cheese

  1. That little mouse under the cheese cover…what a riot… and the look on his/her face peering over the shoulder of Grainne is just too much…still laughing…

  2. Very clever and very amusing ( the photo of the dome tipped over and all the cats!! hilarious!) but I must admit my sympathies lie totally with Gracia.

  3. I like the little rodent too, but not in the food. The look on his face as he is being carried out makes it seem like he is saying, “But what about the cheese?” Kind of like Captain Jack Sparrow and the rum.

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