Souvenirs of Provence


The girls went to Aix-en-Provence…




…where they scooped a tablecloth, a Quimper jug, and a wee glass vase from the thrift store; and a sponge bag from a shop specializing in Provençal fabric.




They also acquired many potential Hitty clothes in this stack of fabric…




…and our wonderful host sent them home with a little bag of small beads from her collection…(see her Etsy shop by clicking here)



2 Garçons

The Hittys can’t decide if their favourite thing about this trip was having tea at the same coffee shop that Cézanne used to go to…



Beach Glass

…or finding the beach-glass marble in the Cove of Counterfeit Money.

Our delightful trip to the Canary Islands and Provence is now over, but we’ve carried home many delightful memories and tangible souvenirs!




14 thoughts on “Souvenirs of Provence

  1. Thank you for the link to my Etsy shop! I’d be delighted to offer free shipping to any of your followers who contact me via my Etsy page prior to purchase (so that I can change the settings before they click ‘buy’).

    • We were happy to share our fun with you, and are looking forward to making things with the fabric and beads, keeping the wee vase filled with wee flowers, and admiring the beach glassed marble!

  2. Holy Moly!!! Can’t get over your Quimper jug find…And at a Thrift Shop no less. Your eyes must have popped right out of your head at seeing it. Fantastic. What a fun time. I have enjoyed seeing every single story and photo. Thank you so much for bringing us all alone. Safe trip home. Hugs from My Hittys to yours.

    • It was hard to resist all the other Quimper pottery in the shop! The jug was small enough to fit into my one carry-on case, and it’s a good thing the Hittys are little, as the fabric for several Hitty dresses didn’t take up much space!!

    • I find that writing and photographing our adventures is a good way to remember them…and the girls are keen for me to make something for them out of all the bits of fabric too!

  3. Oh so many lovely things and moments! Thank you for the link, her work is lovely!! And she offered free shipping to your followers. So nice!

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