Pink Shirt

Linen Tablecloth

I found a pink linen tablecloth…worn, stained and with blobs of candle wax melted in…



Shirt pattern

…but perfectly light weight and the right colour to make an outfit for a much-neglected doll…




…cut, stitched, hemmed and tatted…




What do you mean pink is for girls?




Only 100 years ago pink was considered too masculine for girls to wear! Prince Tamino is glad I finally have got started making him some clothes!






10 thoughts on “Pink Shirt

  1. have we met Prince Tamino before? you can tat too? I’m envious. My mom’s good friend was a tatter and my piano teacher. I wasn’t a very diligent student, she should have taught me to tat instead.

  2. The Prince reminds me of our Jules…He has a few pair of slacks and shirts but prefers tee’s and jeans…not very prince-like. Did you carve Prince Tamino? He is very handsome.

    • Tamino was made by an Argentinian carver…perhaps Jules is a modern relation? Tamino hearkens back to the 18th Century, but our William and Harry, wee George and tiny Louis probably wear or will wear jeans on occasion!

  3. He is really special. I am now inspired to dress my boy, who is a member of the peasant class so will not be wearing finery (much to the relief of this novice seamstress). I am really looking forward to the wardrobe additions to handsome and regal Prince Tamino!!

    • Your boy will look great! Tamino sends encouraging thoughts…and you never know what will end up happening, remember the story of the Prince and the Pauper, by Mark Twain?!

  4. Oh how very handsome Prince Tamino is! Great carving and wonderful shirt… will be a delight to see how he further gets clothed.

  5. Prince Tamino is gorgeous. And yes, 100 yrs ago, baby girls wore blue because they were calmer, and boys wore pink for energetic. (I think, or something like that.)

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