July Strawberries


Carrot Soup came exploring with me in the Strawberry Jungle…




…we brought home punnets and punnets full, which she helped to sort.




…some for the freezer…




…and some for the Hittys!!






10 thoughts on “July Strawberries

  1. What an extraordinary find…” A STRAWBERRY JUNGLE” Leave it to Carrot Soup and you to locate such a unique and mouthwatering place.

  2. Some people like them hot (strawberry shortcake)
    Some people like them cold (on ice cream)
    But these Hittys like them whole
    In their pretty blue-grey bowl.

    Charming narrative! Thank you.

  3. wonderful photos. You and Carrot Soup did a great job of picking. Made me quite hungry for strawberry short cake!

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