First you line the basket with leaves…




…then collect the berries!




A bountiful harvest…




…more than enough to share!!






6 thoughts on “Raspberry-picking

  1. I loved making raspberry jam and raspberry pie when I lived in Oregon where they were plentiful. Once again you post is an uplifting way to start the day. Thank you (Oh, and the patio set for Hitty is charming. I am guessing that it is from fairy garden offerings at a garden shop.)

    • We love raspberry jam! I am sure we would love Raspberry pie too if we had ever had it…the little garden chairs were bought for the Hittys by their favourite photographer in the gift shop of the Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island!

  2. Love the orderliness of going about a household task…and of course, the dear little dolls who make it all so fun.

  3. so charming…the baskets of wonderful berries and the cool green garden and of course the lovely girls sharing the bounty.

    • We always feel good about punnets of berries at the end of the day – lovely essence of summer gets packed and preserved and gets brought out on dark days to remind us of these lovely moments.

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