Sandcut Beach


Tatty, Aurelia and Min sauntered along a spruce log…




…waded through the cool damp moss…




…struggled up and down the steps…




…and rode in the basket the rest of the way down to Sandcut Beach!

Check the gallery to see what fun they had at the beach…click any picture to expand the gallery, and navigate back and forth using the arrows!




Click on the little video to see how hypnotic the waterfall was!





What a lovely day!

8 thoughts on “Sandcut Beach

    • The girls certainly found it restful to ride home in the basket – it is only 400 m from the sand to the parking lot, but mostly vertical! We all stopped for tea on the way home.

  1. This excursion could fill an entire summer with interest, wonder, great exercise and delight. Each and every photo is a story unto itself. The sweet Hittys and all that gorgeous nature. It’s beyond my ability to convey or express with words the way I feel about this story. Thank You.

    • Funnily enough, none of us had been to this pretty spot before, though it is fairly close to the Hitty Cupboard. We thought we would take advantage of the lowest tides of the year to explore and are very glad that we did!

  2. On yet another very hot Missouri day I felt cool just looking thru all the wonderful photos of the girls adventure on the beach and the woods. Great pics and story! The crab in the shade pic made me smile!

    • It was a very pleasant day at the beach, a nice breeze coming from the ocean, and warm but not too hot. I am glad you liked the crab…we were highly amused to see it scuttle around to bury itself right at Min’s feet!

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