Tansy’s ready for rain

Ready for weather

Tansy and her favourite photographer got ready to work on a short field contract… 



Rain Gear

…and fortunately Tansy and the photographer both have excellent raingear, because despite the sunshine in the Hitty cupboard, stormy weather is forecast for the wet west coast.





8 thoughts on “Tansy’s ready for rain

  1. Tansy is an “all weather Hitty” for sure. I’m hopeful that she and “Favorite Photographer” will come back with stories to share.

  2. Ooh, I love your sou’wester and storm coat, Tansy!

    We are still struggling through Storm Ali and I am confined to the house for lack of rain gear or weights in my boots to hold me down against the 80mph winds. Sigh….I’m an outdoors gal and being and not being able to go outside to puddle jump is not suiting me.

    I hope you are heading a fun filled weekend.
    Please ask your Favourite Photographer for more stunning evidence of your travels. We enjoyed reading the last few posts about you and your friends last night.

    Mary N-Q-H xxxxx

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