Autumnal Equinox 2018


Arianell gave her new friend a reminder of the beauties of the fall season…


…and Eugenia gave her new friend a reminder that the cycle of life includes the quick.



All colours of leaves are scudding across the yard in the first big autumn storm…




…but friendship warms the cockles of our hearts.



Happy first day of fall to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, and happy spring to our friends south of the equator!


10 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox 2018

  1. Hello Ladies!
    Our Human Bean Person is in a VERY good mood. She loves autumn and we have a theory that it is because it is the season of her birth.

    We are celebrating the equinox quietly because of the birth of a new Hitty here. The first one ever by Person, who has yet to bring her fully awake with a touch of paint. But WE know what she is going to look like before that happens.
    I do like the necklaces you exchanged. What a great idea! It must be time to pull out or warm woolen wear and all our craft items to work on now the nights are drawing in. Have you any projects in mind? Do you think rug hooking materials can be found in our size?
    Happy Autumn!
    Roberta N-Q-Hitty xxxxx

  2. what darling girls. Yes friendship does warm the most blustery of days (and hearts). Thank you for sharing how special your girls are.

  3. This is our households’ favorite season of the year. Arianell and Eugenia’s leaf necklaces are as sweet as can be. They both look so comfortable together.

  4. I want a doll like Tephera! do you make dolls for others? or blanks? I am fascinated with her face. I have a Hitty made by Gail Wilson that I love and my son-in-law brought me an Alaska male doll in furs signed Jones. Same size.They traveled with me to Hawaii twice.A number of my doll club friends have Hitty’s and we sew at my house once a month for Hitty Sew. Janet Cordell couldn’t come when we wanted her to come. A friend showed me this blog and I am thrilled to read about your Hitty’s. Thank, you. I HOPE YOU WILL ANSWER ME. CORA LEE

    • Thank you very much, I am pleased that you like Tephra. It sounds like you have fun with your dolls, a “Hitty Sew” sounds grand! I haven’t ever sold a doll, but am glad that you have enjoyed meeting the ones I do have in my Hitty cupboard.

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