Tansy On the Way

Climbing in

Tansy climbed into her special pelican case…



Spade and Mug

…along with her spade and mug…




…and her multiple layers of clothing which will protect her from the cold and damp.  Tansy and her favourite photographer are on their way to one of their favourite places…

Click here:   favourite places  to see where they will be spending the next several weeks!



12 thoughts on “Tansy On the Way

  1. Oh, Tandy looks so snug in her warm clothing and what a great expedition she is going on! We hope she will send regular updates of her trip.

  2. How great it is that the favorite photographer has a companion along the way. Tansy seems to be one who is ready to serve and be of help in the situations that she finds herself in.

    • Tansy (like all the Quimper Hittys) is a great companion – sturdy and inquisitive, helpful but not in the way, and an all round good companion and encourager. We miss them both when they are away, but they always come home with interesting tales to tell.

  3. Tansy knows just what to pack for the field-trips she and “favorite photographer” travel to. She has gotten so knowledgeable that I suspect she could teach an archaeological class at any college. Her viewpoint would be fascinating.

    • The favourite photographer has given classes to several generations of students at the University of Victoria. I am not sure whether Tansy has helped or not, but I will suggest it for the next time!

  4. Tansy is going to be happy that she has those boots, I hope she took lots of tea, think they are going to need it. At this time of year it’s going to be windy and wet, what a beautiful wilderness they are going to.

    • They are running down in the boat tomorrow, ahead of the first big autumn storm. It is due this weekend, with predicted winds at 50 – 60 knots. They are going to have a great time!

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