Pinafores and Pantaloons

French check

Some sweet checked fabric from France has been metamorphosing into clothing…




…Constance helped choose little buttons…



Pinafores and Pantaloons

…she likes how the outfits match the colours of our autumn flowers!





17 thoughts on “Pinafores and Pantaloons

  1. Finding those tiny buttons is challenging for us. We have some small ones but have never found those teeny tiny buttons.
    The green, yellow, red and blue check clothes look great hanging in the store window…no doubt Hitty shoppers will be thrilled when they browse that Shoppe.

    • The teeny tiny ones are rare as hen’s teeth! Luckily various Hitty friends seem to find and send them to me, and I did find a few packets when I was in France last June, that had some bigger and a few tiny buttons.!

  2. I love the vibrant and charming fabric you’ve chosen for the pinafores and pantaloons. I wouldn’t be surprised if Constance is inundated with orders. Nicely done.

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