Tansy Underway


Tansy got up at the crack of dawn, and waited for the pick-up truck to pick them up from the Inn in the village of Queen Charlotte…




…she and her favourite photographer made a flying stop at Queen B’s for a breakfast muffin…




…and then headed down to the dock to load up the boat.



Tie Down

Equipment, food and supplies were carefully balanced and tied firmly down…




…and off they chugged!  The crew has now gone out of communication range for at least four weeks, possibly up to eight, depending on the work and the weather…the rest of the Quimper Hittys, and stay-at-home human wish them a great  trip and all success in their work!

This trip will take them to one of their favourite places  …Click here to see where they will be spending the next several weeks!



10 thoughts on “Tansy Underway

  1. Tansy will have memories to share on those dark, cold winter nights ahead….maybe she could write a book about all her adventures…especially about Haida Gwaii!!!

  2. Wow, four to eight weeks is quite a long time. I wish them well and happy. Tansy certainly has amazing adventures. I imagine the photos and stories will be spectacular when they return.

  3. Farewell, Sweet Mariner! May the seas be calm and the breezes in your favour. We will be thinking of you and your Favorite Photographer. (Not to mention, hoping to see lots of interesting photos.)
    Much love,
    Mary and Roberta N-Q-Hitty xxxxx

    • We hope the seas are calm on their travel days – and not too cold and damp while they are mucking around…I am pretty sure there will be gorgeous photos, as long as the solar panels can keep up with the battery rechargers!

  4. What a long term project. I am sure that Tansy will be of great help to the favorite photographer. She looks ready for any kind of weather that comes her way.

  5. Being out of communication range for so long must be difficult. Tansy will no doubt keep the crew’s spirit’s up and thankfully the Quimper Hitty’s will keep the Quimper Human entertained and distracted.

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