Black Cat Day 2018


Aurelia bravely offered her appreciation to the human household’s black cat Siyah!




Cat Party

Appreciating the black Hitty Cat was slightly less terrifying!

October 27th is National Black Cat Day in the UK, but we think it is a great idea and are celebrating today in the Hitty Cupboard!








5 thoughts on “Black Cat Day 2018

  1. I always highly enjoy the artistic touches in your photos….the photo itself, the set-up, the props, the dolls…what a lovely little black cat apron! Did you embroider it?

    • The sweet little apron used to be an embroidered hanky, but that didn’t last long once it came into our sewing area! Thanks for your kind compliments on our pictures – we have fun imagining the scenes and then setting them up! It is getting into the darker time of year so it takes more imagination!

  2. Black cat day?!! Who knew!!! We have no less then 9 of them outside in the barn!!! Aurelia is very brave…altho I believe that any Hitty would be safe from our crew unless the Hitty was smeared with wet cat food! Love the photos and your little black cat as well as the large one!

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