Warm Hoodies

Sweater Weather

The Block Twins are very happy that the weather is cooling down.





They love getting out their cat hoodies…




…and no offense to the cat population on the Isle of of Man,




…but Opal and Agathe have been longing for me to make them tails.










12 thoughts on “Warm Hoodies

  1. Hello Twinies!
    We love your cat hoodies. Heaven knows, we could do with one each here as we had our first snowfall today and the wind is coming straight at us from the north.
    Happy Halloween, in case we don’t get to read your posts again while we are away from home.
    Mary and Roberta xx

  2. The twin’s energy is much appreciated! Cat tails are the best. My mother made one for me from crepe paper when I was young and dressed as a black cat for Halloween. Great memory. I love the penny rug you made for the bench. I finally found a little cookie cutter and want to try one. 🙂 Love your use of the leaves too. You gave such a wonderful sense of what will be visually pleasing.

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