Pumpkin Teeth!


Gráinne and Min fetched a Hallowe’en Pumpkin.




Then Min brought some decorative ribbons…




…while Gráinne enlisted some help with the carving.



Jill O’Lantern

Afterwards the pumpkin went outside to recover on the front porch…



Min the Brave and Daring

…and Min got silly with the innards!






12 thoughts on “Pumpkin Teeth!

  1. Oh my goodness, what a HUGE pumpkin!! You gave him the most amazing face too.

    Sadly, we have no Jack’o’lantern this year.as we have nowhere to put it, but we are pleased to be allowed to see yours, shining out in the dusk..

    Happy Halloween!
    Meg N-Q-Hitty xxxxx

  2. What a fun pumpkin carving…Grainne’s cutlass sure came in handy…and Min getting silly with the innards was a “new” and unexpected surprise…wonderful!

  3. Oh that made me laugh!! Min is such a “cut up” (hee hee). Love the pics of the sword wielding swash bucklers joining in the fun! Great photos and such fun.

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