Hemming and Washing



double fold

Constance and the Quimper Hitty human’s canvas-weave linen is off the loom, and ready to finsh!!  




Since the floating selvedges were prone to breaking we’ve double-folded and overcast all four edges, not just the cut warps.




Constance helped measure the cloth before and after we washed it…As expected, it shrank a lot in the warp direction (two inches) and not so much in the weft direction (half an inch). This is because the warp is under more tension than the weft during weaving.  Miraculously, the cloth ended up square!




We love our nice scrubby wash cloth!



12 thoughts on “Hemming and Washing

  1. as always I am quite amazed that Constance and the Quimper human are able to create fabric from a bunch of threads!! We here in Mo. salute you both!!

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