A new piece of furniture was given to the Quimper Hittys… studious Eugenia was pleased to have a grown-up desk!




…at least she was pleased until she discovered a music box taking up almost the entire interior of the desk.




She wound it up and was further dismayed by the unidentifiable tune.  The musical desk continued to give off random clusters of notes at odd moments, which startled and annoyed the Hittys and human alike.




Tansy is usually the handy-Hitty of the cupboard, but in her absence, Eugenia decided to have a go at removing the back of the desk herself.



She dug out the screwdriver and set to work.




Getting the music box out took a lot of fiddling…




…but she did it!




14 thoughts on “Roll-top

  1. Well done, Eugenia!I hope the desk is soon filled with writing equipment, Hitty stamps and perhaps a bundle of precious letters from dear friends, tied round with a pretty ribbon. We Hitty girls need to keep up old-fashioned arts, such as letter writing, as well as embracing new ideas and methods such as blogging.

    Much love,
    Mary and Roberta N-Q-Hitty xxx.

  2. Good work Eugenia! Hittys like furniture that is useful…they need to make the best of every centimeter. What a great addition to the cabinet this is…maybe there is a book in the near future????

    • Eugenia was glad to get that musical apparatus out of the Desk – it took up too much room and played strange notes at inopportune times! Perhaps She can write a story about a haunted roll-top desk!

  3. What a dear desk that is and Eugenia, you’re a wonder. Glad you got it working to your needs. I’m sure it will be most useful.

    Believe it or not, I saw a small human sized desk very similar at the local second hand store yesterday. Alas though, it was missing some of it’s “rolls” but for the right person (or someone like Tansy), it might make a very good project to rejuvenate.

  4. I do believe the Country Hittys are embarking upon a letter writing binge to send some notes to Eugenia for her desk! THey are all quite impressed with both the desk and her mechanical skills.

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