Workbasket Update

Yarn Magic

Rose’s favourite place to knit used to be her Albert Nadeau rocking chair…

Still Knitting

…but she is currently enamoured of the new workbasket…



One and a Half

…which is a cosy and inspiring place to knit.




Rose is using up leftover balls of variegated sock yarn, and we are delighted with the results!



6 thoughts on “Workbasket Update

  1. Hello Rose
    Our Human Bean is having what she calls ‘An Alice In Wonderland Moment.’ She means she wishes she could eat something to make her shrink to Hitty size and see what that beautiful workbasket looks like from the inside.
    You are an excellent knitter and I can’t think of anywhere more calm and comfortable to work than in your new spot.
    Much love,
    Roberta N-Q-Hitty xx

  2. Rose has the right idea. I have seen this stupendously wonderful basket in person and I concur that if I were the size of Rose I too would want to snuggle in and knit away…of course Rose would have to teach me how to knit first! Love the variegated yarns and wondering what Rose is making.

  3. Rose found the perfect cozy place to knit with that gorgeous yarn. I am surprised that your cat ( sorry i forget his name) didn’t find it first.

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