Tansy’s Bracelets!


One stormy November evening on SGang Gwaay Tansy spent some time with one of the other boardwalk builders: Paul Rosang, a Haida artist who uses traditional tools and inherited designs.



shop talk

She and Paul discussed the similarities and differences between artistry with wood, and artistry with metal.




Paul very kindly made Tansy a pair of undecorated, narrow copper bracelets.



Just right

Tansy says they fit perfectly!




These were good bracelets to wear in while working hard in the field…




…but Tansy is also grateful and proud of the second pair of bracelets made by Paul after the project ended – these have an inscribed Haida Moon design. She loves her beautiful gifts from Haida Gwaii.  Thank you Paul!



6 thoughts on “Tansy’s Bracelets!

  1. I can’t think of a more wonderful tribute to Tansy. All of our Hitty’s are so proud of her for this honor. So are the humans. What an incredible acknowledgment for all the trips and love that Tansy has and feels for these special islands.

    • We are grateful to Paul for thinking that Tansy is deserving of these bracelets, and also grateful to the favourite photographer for bringing her places like SGang Gwaay. She has had so many unique experiences and learned so many interesting things, and she is so willing to share, we are all lucky!

  2. Tansy charms where-ever she goes. Those bracelets are really something very special. And so is Tansy’s crow print dress. With her decorated bracelets Lovely.

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