Rolling Pin

Arianell helped roll out the dough…


…Eugenia helped cut out some cookies…




…it is so much fun to work together in the kitchen!!




They went to visit their Comox Valley friends, and helped construct a table…




…so they could have a cooky party!




Linnea was overjoyed!




…she brought some flowers to beautify the party…




They are made of scraps of felt, with pins stuck into purple slime in the middle of this tiny cotton reel.




…sharing food and love feels good.

10 thoughts on “Cooky-sharing

  1. What fun! Eugenia and Arianell meeting their cousin Linnea and youngest member of the family. Fun always follows when youngest member is present. Is there anything better than a table filled with fresh baked Christmas cookies and flowers? Yes! Sampling those yummy treats with special loved ones. A-w-w,

    • It was a fun, if fleeting visit, the Quimper Hittys are always happy to come along for the long drive, because of the enjoyable visiting! We were happy to bring cookies to delight our hosts!

  2. I must say that the description of the centerpiece with flowers stuck in purple slime made me laugh out loud. What a perfectly wonderful cookie party …the youngest Quimper Human is quite a little charmer!

    • Purple slime was what was on offer, so we made it work…I have also used blu-tak, hot-melt glue, and a little styrofoam plug…just something to stick the pins into…we always love visiting with the youngest human!

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