Warm in December


Constance felt a little chilly, so she put on a few extra under layers…


…and a festive flannelette dress!



Another Dress

There is a dress for Rose too…




Now Rose is warm too but a little anxious about not getting everything done…



A Break

…Constance advised her to take a break and just sit in the rocking chair for a while!



12 thoughts on “Warm in December

  1. What lovely dresses the girls are wearing. The subdued green flannelette with the touch of red is quietly comforting in this darker season of the year. And, Constance gives such good advice too.

  2. Constance knows what to do when the temps fall! Love the unders and the dress. The trim on both dresses is rather unusual? And very attractive..just the perfect little embellishment to accent them.

    • I would call the trim a “picot edge” trim or braid…it is very nice and small scale, though hard to find here it can be had on-line! The Quimper girls are thankful for warm under things!

    • The knitted under vest is fetching, but Constance likes to keep it covered up! It has been a blustery day hasn’t it? Constance and Rose are very glad of their cosy flannelette dresses!

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