Ross Bay Christmas




Last weekend, Constance went to a Christmas Party for Ross Bay Villa Society members, who contribute to this house’s restoration. The goal is to have it look as it did during the 1860’s, and to educate people about family life in Victoria at that time.

It was a wet and windy afternoon – but the house was decorated most cheerfully with evergreen and holly boughs.





before entering the house, we cleaned off our muddy boots!




…but once inside, Constance explored the parlour…




…the child’s bedroom…



Wood stove

…and the kitchen.




She found herself admiring the view of the dining room from the mantlepiece




…especially the table laden with tea and cookies!

Click here for information about the house, it’s restoration and events.



14 thoughts on “Ross Bay Christmas

  1. Constance looks charming in her finery, and fits in with the lovely home very well. She would make such a fine docent for the home I would not be surprised if they offered her a job!

  2. YES! I agree with kathleenivy..Constance looks like she could give tours in this beautiful house. Her beautiful blue coat with pink flowers and her adorable bonnett look apropos for the job.

  3. what a fun tour. And I agree with the others that Constance looks quite at home here. By the way that pink bonnet is simply magnificent!

  4. I love this blog. I have a new Hitty carved to resemble Tephora. I named her Haida for the clan name. I painted her face. Not easy to do but she is happy and sweet. Thank you! For the stories. MERRY , HAPPY. Cora Lee

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