Most of the Hittys in the Hitty Cupboard have carved boots…


…though Tuesday and Viola have chilly bare toes (and socks in Winter!).




One of Viola’s carve-sisters sent her a pair of red T-strap Mary-Janes!




They are glorious!!!




Two Happy Girls!

Thank you so much to Dakota of the Country Hittys for the glorious shoes! Viola adores them!



10 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Oh, those shoes are delightful…and RED! The Country Hitty Dakota was very thoughtful and generous in gifting these to you. Will there be tramping outside now with them?

    • I am glad! If you mean Eugenia’s blue one, it is a version of the Möbius pinafore which I made; if you like the white one that Viola is wearing – that apron is crochet, and was a gift form a Hitty friend!

  2. Our Granny Hitty is wearing her cozy, warm, red knitted slippers and is grateful to have them on this cold Winter’s day. She loves them as I’m sure every Hitty who has been gifted with them does. Those Mary Jane’s are precious too. I can only imagine the surprise of opening them up and having them fit. I wonder where in the world Viola’s carve sister found them. They look picture perfect on her. What a fun gift.

  3. those girls are sooo cute!! Hitty Dakota is very pleased that they were surprised and happy with the shoes! Dakota loves her warm red socks!

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