Swan Lake in January

Board walk

Opal and Agathe went to the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary to see what was happening on a warmish January afternoon.




The Cat Girls had a good time walking along the boardwalks, counting the ducks and looking for other interesting animals…



…the weather was lovely – such a nice break between torrential downpours and howling winds!




The paths round the lake were flooded in some places…




…so the girls climbed up the vine maples…




…and saw the very first sprouts of Elderberry!




After their exertions, they had a little snooze in the basket…



Banana Sundae!

…but they woke up immediately when we arrived at the Pine Forest café!





10 thoughts on “Swan Lake in January

  1. Stunning photos of an afternoon excursion, very wet there…but delicious delight at the end….what a lovely way to end a quieter, drier day ~ in a cozy, napping basket.

  2. What a perfectly wonderful day outdoors. The twins never are at a loss for fun and adventure. They certainly know how to end a day. Makes me hungry for the same kind of treat.

  3. I am glad that you were able to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. It was exciting to see the twins using the quilt. What a lovely respite.

  4. wonderful! We have a Swan Lake Conservation area nearby and the flocks of ducks and geese can be quite amazing. Even flocks of eagles in the winter months! The Cat Girls are always such a delight!!

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