Day of The Bard

Sold Out

Mungo was disappointed to find that Gracia’s carnicería was sold out of Haggis…



…so he took his pipes for a consoling walk in the nearby hills…




…and played himself a rousing tune…




…until the skirl echoed off the hills and burns.




He returned home to find Gracia had stirred up some celebratory porridge with a spurtle…

…Happy Robbie Burn’s Day to one and all!





5 thoughts on “Day of The Bard

  1. Having looked up the recipe for Haggis I am not sure whey Mungo would be disappointed at its absence! I hope the porridge was a good end to his day of piping and walking. Was it served with brown sugar and cream? Love seeing Mungo with his pipes and kilt.

  2. Mungo looks so happy now. How kind of the Hittys at home to bring some celebration to him. I had haggis once (from a can)….IMO, I think the porridge would riotously win out.

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