Winter Walk


It is still snowing! Victoria is in shock as we seldom get snow that sticks, and it is rare that we get days and days this kind of weather…




..the early Rhododendron is drooping – it thought we were into spring!




But the Heather is used to harsh weather…




…and this little crocus found a sheltered spot to grow.




All in all the day is rather grey…



A Snowy Evening

…but beautiful!



16 thoughts on “Winter Walk

  1. The QH are getting a taste of life on the East side…Thank goodness their caretaker Keeps on top of things and is talented at sewing…they come prepared to face any and all challenges mother Nature throws at them! What a beautiful wayof dealing with a grey day!!!

  2. Beautiful indeed, if you wish you can shake the snow off the rhododendron, cover it lightly with a white or pale colored bed sheet … hold the corners of the sheet with bricks … and it acts kind of like a gentle greenhouse for the plant. .

  3. The HC Hittys would have loved to join the girls on their walk, but we are being pelted with ice pellets here. So nice to see the bright pops of colour in their outerwear, and in the tiny hints of spring still venturing to peek through the thick blanket of snow!

  4. It’s good that the girls go outdoors even in grey days with snow…our winters have endless days like that…we are in an ice storm presently…but going out is important even for short spells to keep the old bones and minds going. Love the girl’s coats and hat-scarfs. Adorable!

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