Constance and Rose began shoveling…



Digging out

…they wanted to make a path for the postie, as they were expecting mail!




But there was a ton of snow, and it gets really heavy really fast in our climate…




…so they stopped.



After all the mail will get here eventually!



15 thoughts on “Shoveling

  1. It’s exhausting work, shoveling with wet snow….kudos to Constance and Rose for helping get the mail delivered to the QH household. Totally agree with Martha…hot chocolate time.

    • Shoveling heavy wet snow is hard work…but it has to be done – especially important to clear the drains so that when the snow does begin to melt, it has somewhere to go and doesn’t flood!

  2. Oh!….hot chocolate and snow…Mamie thinks this caretaker has all the secrets!!! She is expecting a mail delivery so…she may lure the girls into some shovelling too!

  3. I spent the day shoveling ice and snow in short intervals. I showed our Hittys this post…hoping they’d get the hint to help me…but to no avail.

  4. I am with the girls on this….and eventually the stuff will melt!! I am admiring the girls coats…the Quimper Hittys do have a lovely wardrobe of outer wear!!

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