Rainy Park


Linnea suggested a visit to a pretty woodland park…





…it was very rainy, but there was a nice dry Gazebo to shelter in…



Fence Rail

…and the Hittys sat on a fence rail, under another fence rail and kept perfectly dry.






.. the park had lots of Rhododendron plants, but only two were in bloom.



Red Rhodo

Linnea admired this red one, but the other Hittys huddled in their blankets…




But they came out to admire the huge pale pink blossom, and they brought it home and put it in some water.


4 thoughts on “Rainy Park

  1. Thrice blessed…your adorable granddaughter… to visit and give her life long memories with you, and the wise little wooden Hittys and all of this under the canopy of springtime in the woods.

  2. What a sweet adventure…the little wooden girls all look quite charming on the fence rail…and the youngest Quimper Human and her umbrella (and those butterfly leggings) is adorable.

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