Rosewall Creek Provincial Park

Rosewall Creek

On the way home to Victoria, the travelers stopped at the enticing-sounding Rosewall Creek…





…Roses were not apparent, but we did encounter a ferny bower of trilliums…




…and a delightful hollow tree.





The girls hopped out to stretch their legs…Tatty enjoyed the tiny forest of sprouted Maple seedlings…




…Aurelia really liked the Trillium…



Stream Violet

…but Constance found the most wonderful wildflower in the park – a single, solitary, delicate yellow Stream Violet.

We were SO tempted to pick it for Viola, who has a yellow violet carved into her hair, but as it was in a Provincial Park, we refrained.  We had never ever seen them in our part of the world before – they are not unknown, just extremely hard to find except at this exact moment in spring, and at the edges of streams (and creeks too, apparently!)


10 thoughts on “Rosewall Creek Provincial Park

  1. This is the kind of habitat that we are blessed to have in several places close by. Spring is so welcomed after a long hard Winter and finding all the wild flowers are like discovering gold doubloons.
    The photo of the hittys in the hollow of the tree…looks like a giant sequoia because of the scale of the hittys.

  2. Finding that yellow violet was glorious, wasn’t it? Yes, hearing the name Rosewall Creek tempts one into expectations of seeing walls lined with roses. Nevertheless, you captured beauty for us in that humble area.

    • I could hardly believe my eyes when Constance and I spotted the Yellow Violet – what a treat! We’d like to see a wall of roses, but think maybe this was just as good or better for the unexpected prettiness we did find!

  3. what a refreshing and lovely scene.. you do have a talent for finding the most wonderful wild flowers and plants (and photographing them so beautifully!)

  4. I think it comes from being so short…I always thought it would be fun to shrink down to Borrower size – the Hittys see it from that perspective and it can’t help being delightful!

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