Tuesday’s Daisies!

Daisy meadow

Tuesday wandered in the Daisy meadow…




Long stems

…she picked a few with long stems…




…and twisted them together into a chain.





Then she called her little sister…




…and made a little one for her!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Daisies!

  1. What a sweet, gentle soul Tuesday is. Her hair style is stunning.

    Olwen sends her grateful thanks for her new outfit. It is wonderful and she is writing her letter of thanks today. Thank you, dear Quimper friends.
    J xxx

  2. Thank You Tuesday for bringing a little of Spring to us, and TLC to your little sister! Happy daisy celebrating!

  3. we love daisies…the ox eye daisies grow wild in the hayfields here on the farm but they are not blooming yet. Tuesday looks SO lovely in her blue dress with all those flowers. What a great spring photo.

  4. Yours will bloom really soon, I think…spring is inexorable…that is a beautiful blue dress isn’t it? Tuesday loves to wear it, she is glad that short sleeve weather has come at last.

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