Let’s celebrate!

The Block Twins persuaded Jane to leave the kitchen!





She doffed her apron, and the twins gave her a decorated hat…




…then sat her down in the seat of honour…




…and presented her with pastries galore!!!



St Honoré Day!

Happy feast day of Saint Honoré – patron saint of pastry cooks!!




6 thoughts on “Pastry!

  1. Ohhhh, the Block Twins are showing such honor and respect to Jane…and Jane looks thoroughly pleased. What a thoughtful gesture on the twins part. Jane is truly chic in her alluring hat.

  2. It’s always so special when you are appreciated. It looks like Jane feels very special indeed. So sweet of the twins to remember her on pastry day.

    • The Quimper Hittys think that celebrating the patron Saint of Pastry Chefs is a great idea – long live pastry chefs! Jane was pleased that someone noticed all the work she does in the Hitty kitchen!

    • The twins are in favour of more pastry, and think Jane is a pastry genius! I have to agree, and also agree it is nice when someone else provides the treats once in a while!

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