Tansy and Butternut Girl Fly to Haida Gwaii

At the Gate

Tansy and the Butternut girl waited patiently for their flight to be called in Victoria…






…and waited some more in the Vancouver Airport.



Leg Room

When they got on the plane they were glad to get an Emergency Exit seat – lots of leg room!





…the favourite photographer met some friends on the plane whose little girl enjoyed meeting both Tansy and Butternut girl.



Looking out

The little girl walked the wooden girls all over the armrests and tray tables, had them chatting to each other, put them to bed, woke them up, and was interested in changing outfits…




…Tansy and Butternut girl are grateful to have received the approval of a little girl!




11 thoughts on “Tansy and Butternut Girl Fly to Haida Gwaii

  1. WOW!!! Just goes to show you what magical effects Hitty’s have on young to old. Makes me happy for future Hitty devotees.

  2. What a beautiful flight… you are amazing, This little girl was very lucky to meet with you on the plane and I am sure she will never forget this… Thank you dear, Love, nia

    • You are very welcome, Nia – The dolls were glad to meet with a little girl…dolls are happiest when they are appreciated and played with, and they felt very good on the flight because they were useful at helping the little girl to be happy on the flight!

  3. One never knows what each day brings….a little girl may have had a lasting impression….it reminds me of the House that Jack Built…first the tree, then the wood, then the carver, then the clothes, then the photographer, then the flight, then the little girl…and who knows where that will take her.

  4. It is delightful to see that Butternut Girl and Tansy received such a warm and welcoming reception. The photos are just precious. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. what a great start to some fine adventures! Making new friends along the way. Can’t wait to see what this duo gets up to on their trip!

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