August Garden Morning

Sweet Basil

Carrot Soup is checking out the garden on a sweet August morning!






Fruit is ripening…look at the fuzzy Quince fruit!




…and this shiny ripe White Marseille Fig.



Bee Balm

Some of our Flowers are over the top fabulous!





…and others have been eaten by the deer, like most of this “deer proof” Agapanthus…




…still, the little rose is doing well, and we think there will be some late blooms! We hope so – all the buds were nipped off by deer last year!

I named this doll after my friend Caro (who was “Carrot Soup” to some of her internet friends). I never met Caro in person, but she was funny, had a quirky sense of humour, and seemed to be friends with everyone she encountered. Carrot Soup the doll is usually giddy with joy, but every once in a while I see a wistful expression that is a little sad…her namesake Caro died in August 2015.

To Everything there is a season.

Click here to read Caro’s Blog.



14 thoughts on “August Garden Morning

  1. Thanks for such a lovely tribute to a dear online friend. Hitty Carrot Soup never fails to bring a smile to my heart, and your garden photos are delightful! I am happy to see that there is still a blossom on the beautiful Agapanthus that I admired when I visited.

    • Hitty Carrot Soup is full of fun and mischief…I suppose the pixie Hat and shoes exacerbate her temperament! Drat the deer, they had left the Agapanthus alone for so long and then nip, nip, nip, all gone but one little beautiful blossom!

  2. Carrot Soup never fails to delight..what a lovely tribute you have written to her namesake.
    I especially love the photo of her looking (with such joy) at the fuzzy quince.

  3. What a luscious White Marseille Fig! So big! Or would be were I so little as Carrot Soup. Daddy grew a variety of figs on our country place back in the 1950s, including the Marseille. Indeed luscious.

  4. Carrot Soup is so cute…love her dress, hat and oh those wonderful shoes…I can’t look at her without smiling.
    Can’t get over that gorgous bee balm…wasn’t that the flower/plant that Min was tending too a year or so ago? I can’t remember but I think it is…bet she is over the moon happy with that too.

    • Min is happy too! We bought these plants, the previous ones having gone into the gullets of the ravening hordes of deer. The replacement front yard plants have been chewed down to nubbins, but these are in the Deer-defended back yard on the windowsill, along with the little Rose bush that we are coddling!

  5. Such a sweet story of Carrot Soup. It’s hard to believe that Caro passed away 4 yrs ago. It seems not that long.
    Caro was a great Hittygirls participant and I miss her posts.
    Love your elf hat. So cute. Did you carve Carrot Soup or is she one of Caro’s Hittys?
    Celia C

    • Thanks for the comments on the elf/pixie hat. It was a pattern from the Branson event – you may have it too in your “stuff” It is very cute and easy to make! I carved Carrot Soup just after Caro died, and I was feeling lonesome for her, even though I never met her, I tried to put some of Caro’s whimsy into the doll – some times I think I may have put too much!

  6. I totally agree, this is a lovely tribute to Caro…and yes, hard to believe it is 4 yrs ago already….

    Carrot Soup is such a charmer….I love the vibrancy of all of the colors in this post (as in most of your posts!). I trust you will have some late blooms on your rose bush. Some of ours have been devastated by insects, and others are trying to survive the drought (and earlier deluges we were getting), despite the nearly daily waterings. Carrot Soup’s elfin hat and shoes are so very cute and vibrant. Thank you again for such (nearly daily) cheer.

  7. Thank you Carrot Soup for taking us along on a visit through the beautiful August garden. We never have many flowers due to the wandering deer in our yard. I know how frustrating it is when deer eat most everything.

    • I am concentrating on our back yard, which is behind a deer fence, and so far this year everything had survived back there, except for the night our neighbours left their deer fence open…that was a very bad night for the sweet peas, nasturtiums and strawberries!

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