Construction in Quimperland



The Quimper Hitty cupboard has been beset by dust, loud noises and peculiar smells for the last two weeks.  All is silent today so the block twins went out to investigate…






…and they found deep holes, and interesting equipment piled up around the side and front of the big house.




Bits of the house have been exposed…Agathe and Opal found lovely spiderwebby places to explore…





…and deep holes exposing the foundations.




These hoses connect to a concrete saw…or was it the jackhammer?




…and here are the lumps of the old foundations and perimeter drains in a great big skip.




The twins think it is all extremely exciting!

The humans and other Hittys are grateful for the work, but are glad of a couple of days of peace and quiet before the very distracting noises and dust start up again on Monday!



12 thoughts on “Construction in Quimperland

  1. So much work, and so much fascination for the Hittys! It will be wonderful when done, and I am glad you have a bit of a reprieve for now.

  2. ahhh the twins are making lemonade out of the lemons of noise and dust!! That looks like some major renovations going on. Hope it all goes according to plan and the Quimper Humans are happy with the results!

    • The humans are going to be extremely glad to have their house sitting on actual foundations instead of being propped on piles of rubble and the corner of an old cow shed! But yes, the environment is a bit lemon-y at the moment….

  3. I too trust that once the dust, dirt and noise settles, that you will be happy with the results. Ah, the work that goes into maintaining a home…Thank goodness that the Quimper Hittys are so well cared for.

  4. Gotta love those twins. They find excitement and interest where we humans see mayhem and dust when we have major work done on our homes…just know that in the end all will be well.

  5. Looks like construction, alright. Agathe and Opal are really brave to check out deep holes, spider webby places, and lose boards hanging around. Hopefully with all the banging, and dust flying, you will have a useful new space.
    Keep us informed.
    Celia C

    • The space will be almost exactly the same…but the house won’t fall down – hooray! This is important as we live in an earthquake zone, and the winter weather is becoming more uproarious!

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