Dr Fairy’s Surgery

Dr Fairy

Lilac’s arm kept falling off, so Dr Fairy came by to help make her arm feel better…

Surgical Instruments

…this involved drilling and pegging, and Lilac was afraid it would really hurt, but Dr Fairy said it would feel better after.




Poor Lilac had to just lie very still for 24 hours of rest while the glue dried.



Magical Mint

Then Dr Fairy brought her  some Magical Mint Tea, which made Lilac feel much better!



Flying Away

Dr Fairy flew away because her job was done!




14 thoughts on “Dr Fairy’s Surgery

  1. Following the adventures of the Quimper Hitty family is always a high point in my day. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  2. Does Dr Fairy treat… sore old human bones? She looks so kind and gentle…I wouldn’t hesitate to consult. How does Lilac feel today? We send hugs and love.

  3. I was wondering the same thing that dollhouse lady was asking about. It sure would be great if Dr Fairy made house calls in the States.
    Lilac is a very special hitty to receive such care.
    I can see that Dr fairy is the real deal…viewing her flying away after Lilac got all better…What a great and sweet story.

  4. we ALL need a Dr. Fairy to fix our aches and pains!! very sweet and so happy to know that Lilac will soon be back in action!!

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