Quimper Quince




Mudlark and Guttersnipe sat in the Quince tree.





For the first two years we nipped the flowers in the bud so the new tree could put energy into establishing it’s root system…this is the first year we’ve had any fruit  and look at the size of them!




Even though they won’t be ripe for another week or two, some are so heavy that they have broken right off their sustaining branches.



Jane is a bit taken aback by the giant fruit, but Guttersnipe and Mudlark are sure she can find something to do justice to our very first Quimper Quince!






8 thoughts on “Quimper Quince

  1. The Country Hittys have no doubt that the esteemed Jane will do right by the giant quince….Jane and The Giant Quince?? has a bit of a ring to it, eh? Congratulations on nurturing your Quince tree!

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