Mini Quilt Display Rack




Arianell and Min examined a very useful item recently purchased at the Victoria Quilter’s Guild annual display and sale…





…no it is not a set of parallel bars…




…it is an extremely useful frame for displaying mini Quilts upon.





Two little loops are pinned (or sewn) at the top edge on the reverse side…



top bar

…then the top bar of the rack is removed, threaded through the loops, and slotted back into place.



Ta Da!

We have a lot of Hitty Quilts…




…that could be displayed as “Art” …




…though the girls are happy to snuggle in their quilts on the bed as well!

Sue Bruning made the mini quilt Rack – thank you Sue – it is perfect!

10 thoughts on “Mini Quilt Display Rack

  1. What a clever idea! Now the girls can open a Gallery or Museum and share all those treasures !!!! I believe they know someone with lots of experience in Museum work!

  2. All of your hitty sized quilts are beautiful. The apple tree quilt reminds me of an old-fashioned sampler…it deserves to be hung and enjoyed in the Hitty’s art museum…however there is nothing better than cozying up with a warm quilt on a cold night.

    • We were excited to see just three of these little display racks…one person came up and snagged one right out from under me, so I snagged one myself immediately…and this was only five minutes after the opening. I was glad we went early! We love snuggly quilts, including those made by our lovely Hitty friends!

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