November Textile Treasures



Trims and Handkerchiefs

November has been a good month for textile treasures…a packet of trims and handkerchiefs arrived





…some of which are in the process of turning into pinafores!



Little Squares

We also received a packet of cloth squares…




…which will eventually be shuffled and stitched into a winter Hitty quilt…




…and for the pièce de résistance, the Hittys received a glorious Hardanger coverlet with a real feather duvet inside!  Constance is trying it out for now, though it may end up on Mormor’s bed.





14 thoughts on “November Textile Treasures

  1. Oh my what a lovely collection of superb fabrics and trims. So much fun to be had. Those little pinafore/aprons look like they are going to be very special indeed. That quilt is just gorgeous and I know you will make something amazing with your squares! Will look forward to seeing the results or your endeavours.

  2. Hummmmm Quimper Hittys and human will be keeping busy! Such an artistic team!!!! Thank you for sharing…it stimulates creativity all over, I am sure!

  3. What a wonderful trove of treasures. I am sure your mind is in a whirl thinking of all the possibilities that await your expertise. The soft pink coverlet is exquisite. I can just see the look on Mormor’s face if she receives this prize.

    • The coverlet is definitely destined for Mormor, it has the Nordic style embroidery that will make her heart happy…I will be sure and capture her expression when it is unveiled to her!

  4. Truly, you have received (and created thus far) some very lovely items. Isn’t it amazing what an array of needlecrafts there are? Your textiles display some lovely variety.

    • The Quimper Hittys feel very lucky to be the recipients of this bounty…some of the finished products are destined for other Hitty households, but we love to have the raw materials stop off at our workshop for a little textile transformation! And of course there are the leftovers… 🙂

  5. goodness what a treasure trove…. I have a linen napkin that vaguely resembles your glorious ones and now the HIttys are urging me to DO something with it. Thank you for the inspiration. As for the Hardanger coverlet….WOW!!!

    • The Coverlet was hand embroidered for us by a dear Hitty friend, who knew that Mormor would appreciate it…I am sure you do too, with your penchant for wondrous embroiderings… I hope your Hittys prevail upon you to transform their glorious napkin!

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