Tansy at the Old Town Bakery



Raven brings the light

Tansy and her favourite photographer are on a short project up-island. They’ll be working in the traditional territory of the Kwakwaka’wakw people…



photo op

The favourite photographer apologises for the quality of these phone pictures, but it was a hurried lunch stop. He felt Tansy absolutely had to get her picture taken with this incredible gingerbread big house…



Big House

Tansy absolutely agreed, and was so glad she wore her most appropriate Cowichan-style sweater!



Gingerbread legend

We don’t know if this spectacular gingerbread creation depicts a particular story in the Kwakwaka’wakw tradition, but we do know of a story about Raven stealing the light – that would fit in to this dark and wintry time of year.



Old Town Bakery

Click Here for the Old Town Bakery’s website…and stop by for a cinnamon bun if you are visiting Ladysmith!




12 thoughts on “Tansy at the Old Town Bakery

    • I have never seen a gingerbread house like that! We are inspired to go see the Victoria Gingerbread house creations! Tansy was gone for a couple of days on a shore project, I am pretty sure that lunch stop was the best ever!

  1. The gingerbread house certainly caught my attention. What artistry! Trusting that the favorite photographer and Tansy have a pleasant, safe and helpful journey.

    • That was an unexpected wonder part way through a long drive to the project. There was a lot of digging and screening at the end of it, and so cold and muddy that Tansy declined to feature in any worksite pictures…she was only too happy to stay warm and dry in a fleecy vest pocket!

  2. I always look forward to these photo’s and stories when Tansy and Favorite photographer go off on their excursions. This gingerbread house is awesome. I remember hearing a story of a raven stealing the light and throwing it up in the sky, creating the stars, moon and sun.

    • The Photographer’s project was just one day of on-site work this time, though there were meetings attached…the ‘raven steals the light’ story has several variations, but the result is always light after darkness – a very good story for this time of year!

  3. Wow that gingerbread house is amazing!!! Tansy is the perfect accompaniment to the display! Hope she has a good time on the project, I know it is a full time job keeping the Favorite photographer company.

    • Tansy did an excellent job keeping Favourite Photographer company, chatting to him from the vest pocket, while rubbing her little wooden hands together hoping he would finish up and get back into the heated car…She was actually left in the car at the bakery lunch stop – he actually went back for her so he could take the photos…what a loyal guy!

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