More Snow!


Constance and Rose went out…




Christmas Tree

…the snow was cold, but the girls were warm!



Grape Hyacinth

A little Grape Hyacinth bravely stuck its head out…



...and a little blue bird of misery hopped around mournfully.




Constance knew how to help…




…all the birds in the neighbourhood were hungry…




…until the girls put out bowls of seed for them!




14 thoughts on “More Snow!

    • I am sure the mittens are happy in their new home!
      The coats and bonnets were made by a Hitty friend- aren’t they marvellous!?
      Our visit yesterday inspired the girls to succour our hungry birds!

  1. More snow, more pretty winter wearing time, more birdies to feed (so thoughtful, Constance), and more memories made at the QH household. Thanks for sharing more adventures with dollies that always please!

    • The dollies were rather shocked at the amount of snow on the ground this morning…14+ inches! They were firm with their human about getting some bird food out to where the birds could get at it!

  2. It’s hard to be concise with comments on this story. The girl’s coats are so Hitty sweet…unique and positively lovely… those wee little birds and the basket of bird seed, is truly wonderful. Birds need extra care on snowy days. Quimper human, you are a born story teller…your way with a camera and that wonderful caring imagination of yours, spreads so much joy, to all of us who have the good fortune of finding this blog.

    • We love these beautiful coats too, they are so beautiful in these snowy days…the Hittys like having the excuse to wear them, which isn’t often as it is usually too wet! The birds were as shocked as we were about the amount of snow (currently turning to icy slush). Hopefully the birds can get back to foraging on their own in a day or two.

  3. The girls are so thoughtful. and kind to look after the hungry birds. Rose’ s shoulder bag is a lovely touch! I am especially fond of grape hyacinths and they look so pretty in the snow.

    • The girls love their ensembles including the functionally beautiful matching shoulder purses! We like Grape Hyacinths too, they are so sweet and pretty…and stronger than they look ! I am sure they will be fine after a day or two under that temporary snow heap.

  4. those tiny birds are just beguiling… Rose and Constance are such caring Hittys. And so courageous to brave the wintery weather. Lovely photos.

    • Thanks…the Hittys were especially happy to have their beautiful hand made coat outfits on a day like today! The wee birdies are from some ancient Christmas decorations of my grandmother’s. I love them too.

    • South West Canada doesn’t often get snow – this is quite unusual we got 40 cm! Over the poor Hitty’s heads! Luckily they had their beautiful coats and bonnets and they didn’t have to go anywhere!

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