January Garden


There is still a little snow in the yard…





…quite a bit of mud…




…and a lot of water.




But also few bulbs are beginning to sprout…




…and our Witch Hazel is blooming!




6 thoughts on “January Garden

  1. It’s nice to see Perdita out and about. We are digging out of a storm that was predicted to be snow, then rain, with higher temps so it will all melt away. What happened is snow and ice and low temps…UFFDA!
    Seeing spring buds popping up and Witch hazel with actual flowers would be miraculous in this area. We will need to wait a few more months for that to happen.

    • Perdita is glad to get out once in a while – she is a shy and retiring Hitty who mostly amuses herself, but even she was a little affected by cabin fever these last few days! Snow and ice, uffda! But we are glad we don’t live in Newfoundland!

  2. I can ditto Mary Anne’s comments on the weather in her area as it is similar here in the Midwest. But, Perdita does bring such cheer even though the weather is less than easy to maneuver about it for a wee doll. Her bright red outer, winter wear is uplifting.

    • Her red shawl is the scrap corner of a plaid woolen blanket the rest of which was cut up to make some tam-o-shanters for a historical recreation…we tried to use every scrap! Perdita was wishing for the rowboat as she splashed around in the lower areas of the back yard!

  3. Perdita looks quite fetching in her shawl and bonnet. It is WET here in our country!! And very cold..hoping for warmer weather and hoping to avoid any icy storms. Glad there is something blooming for Perdita to admire.

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