Gracia found a cheese thief!





…who ran under the counter!





She encouraged the cats to do their duty…




they tried!




Meanwhile the accomplice made a selection…




…and carried it off!




The villains had a tiny feast!



Not Impressed

Gracia was not impressed.


10 thoughts on “Villainy

  1. this was hilarious!! made me recall the evening when a mouse was running across the living room floor!! Two dogs and one cat gave chase…futile chase!! Great chaos as two BIG dogs and one determined cat careened around the room. Took me and a shoe to end the villains forays… your mouse is a lot cuter then the one here!!

  2. Oh this was brilliant! Love all the cats, they are fabulous, although not very good mousers by all accounts. The little mouse was full of cunning and a certain amount of charm I might add. Thank you for the morning giggle.

    • I think the little pests are cute too – even if a nuisance. Perhaps the Hitty cats need some lessons from the household’s human cat who is a very assiduous mouser! I am glad to have given you a giggle!

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