Some of the things we love: little girls in pink dresses; generous friends who send us heartfelt Hitty gifts; and plum blossoms!




Little Gilly has only ever had one pink dress, but she won’t wear any other colour…Vanilla’s new dress is a gift of love – thank you to the Hitty friends who made and sent it… the Plum tree outside is not quite in flower, but we picked a few branches and encouraged them to bloom.







8 thoughts on “Heartfelt

  1. Everything is SOOOOO pretty in your photo. Vanilla is definitely enhancing that beautiful, gifted dress. And, little Gilly adds a pretty pink to the picture.

  2. I don’t blame Gilly for only wanting to wear pink…she looks adorable in pink…and I don’t think there could be a dress more befitting her than the one she wears…it’s delightful on her…with the petticoat. Seeing Gilly is always a treat for me…she is a favorite of mine…
    Vanilla, looks so happy arraigning those beautiful plum flowers with Gilly. We can hardly wait for some of our flowers to show up…we’ll have to wait a least 6 or more weeks for that.

    • Gilly isn’t complaining at all, she adores her pink frilly dress, but I feel like she might like a change once in a while (pink of course!)
      I hope your spring comes gently and fragrantly in its proper season…and hope you can enjoy ours vicariously meanwhile, especially with Gilly and Vanilla in their sweet frocks and their spring-like delight!

  3. Vanilla looks lovely in her new frock.. and of course Gilly is always a delight. your plum blossoms are a reminder that spring will arrive.. I am thinking I can soon bring some Forsythia branches in to “force”.

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