March Catkins


It is a chilly March morning…




Blue Sky and Catkins

…with blue sky and catkins!




Vanilla likes them when they are all soft and fuzzy…



sun specks

…but also when they are surrounded by a golden haze…




Siyah likes little catkins too…



fuzzy boquet

…Vanilla picked some for Jane!



6 thoughts on “March Catkins

  1. I enjoyed this blog post very much! We used to have pusssy willows on the farm and we loved to force a few branches in the late winter. Vanilla looks darling dressed as a catkin and her furry friend looks very regal.

  2. Lovely. Still too cold here for any budding but I am enjoying yours. Vanilla looks so cozy and sweet in her sweater and hat. how nice that she plucked some catkins for Jane. Also…we all enjoyed Siyah~~

    • Siyah loves a moment of fame occasionally! Vanilla was a little chilly the day before when she was clambering around in the pines of Quimperland…she requested another layer before going out this morning!
      I am sure your neighbourhood will warm up soon!!!
      Jane is always delighted to be the recipient of Hitty-plucked garden offerings!

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