Cross Patch

Stay home if you can

Cross Patch,

Draw the Latch…




Entertain yourself

Sit by the fire and spin….



Drink Tea

Make a cup, and drink it up…



Stay in touch!

…then call your neighbours and friends!


Mormor is doing what she can to self-isolate, and is not really very cross about it. The Quimper Hittys are taking care of each other…we hope all our blog friends are doing OK and keeping well in this worrying time.

14 thoughts on “Cross Patch

  1. The Müttersholtz Hittys and human household are doing well and are enjoying their warmth and tea times too. Sewing and reading are part of the routine and are very satisfying. Trusting you and all Quimper Hitty friends are staying healthy.

  2. We are blessed keeping in touch through the Quimper Hitty News!!! Think of all those women before us, isolated and with very little means to get comfort and news from the outside! We feel each other’s presence through your wonderful blog. Sutton woodens thank you for keeping us all together in this beautiful, happy way! And to add to today’s smiles…Mr Sun is out shining! To each of you, reading this blog, I send cheers, love and smiles. Keep those fingers busy 😘

    • We were lucky, the sun shone here today as well – what an uplifting sight! I am glad you find the Quimper Hittys a cheering influence, thanks for your cheers, love and smiles, they are very welcome and helpful.

  3. Thank goodness for technology! I am working from home now, as ordered, and grateful to be able to keep connected via email. Mormor is an inspiration. Thank you! I love her and her coziness so much. You tell the best short stories.

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