Making a noise

Singing Bowl

For the last few days the neighbourhood humans have been standing at the end of our driveways at 7 pm each evening to make a noise for one minute, in support of health care workers and essential services…#cheerforhealthworkers

The Quimper Hittys are helping! Vanilla is going to ring the singing bowl…





…the Block Twins helped the human ring the ship’s bell…




…and Mungo gets out the pipes at any excuse!




Mungo noticed that his musical offerings also act as an effective social-distancing tool!

It has been very nice to see our neighbours, and also very nice to have gotten messages from our neighbourhood health care workers, thanking us and saying it means a lot to them to hear our noise.




8 thoughts on “Making a noise

  1. This is so uplifting. Thank from the bottom of my unnerved heart. I have a singing bowl and what a wonderful example of it’s soothing use. These times are difficult but I truly believe that it’s an opportunity for us to be our best selves…just like you, Dear Kjerstin.

    • You are welcome…we love the sound of a singing bowl, and the invitation to calm and focus – Vanilla says it helps her to follow the sound into silence and some moments of quiet reflection on her blessings.

  2. And a cheer for those who cheer the health workers and…the Hitty community!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You make our days brighter and lead us to find the small pleasures in life and appreciate them. Here goes our best Hitty hug to you 😘

    • Small pleasures are an important part of our life at the moment! The Hittys are glad to make a minute of noise to show how much we appreciate the people who are facing greater issues during this difficult time…thank you for the Hitty hug! We really appreciate it!

  3. Cheering along those who are amongst those in the “front lines” of this situation must be encouraging to them and others. Thank you dear QH household for taking time to encourage and brighten a challenging situation.

    • We know we can’t do much else to alleviate the stress of the health care workers, except follow the Provincial Health Officer’s instructions (which does help)! We do what we can, we hope, we take care of each other, and we continue to find small amounts of fun! I am sure you are doing the same – and you are very welcome!

  4. Mungo made me laugh!! What a nice gesture and such a feeling of community! And of course the HIttys are involved. they truly are helpers in every way!

    • Mungo just doesn’t understand why the other Quimper Hittys usually flee when he gets going on the pipes! This situation has made his skills a little more appreciated! I am glad it made you laugh…some times I laugh to myself while putting together a blog post, always hoping someone else’s funny bone will be tickled!

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